A True Measurement of Dental Laboratory Passion with Josef Kolbeck

Episode 134 · October 19th, 2020 · 58 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Voices From the Bench is all about showcasing people that love what they do, show true passion for it, and do everything they can to share it with our community. Not many people do this more than Josef Kolbeck. Josef came into our industry through jewelry and has not stopped learning and growing since. His passion is strong and he wanted to educate others what he has learned. He developed the OMP, the Phi tool-guide, and takes education one on one with the "Webinar-in-a-box". Find out why many refer to this as the Kolbeck technique.

Get yourself one of wonderful OMP tools at denturebabes.com

To get going on the Webinar in a Box email Josef at kolbeckdental@gmail.com

Dental Services Group is proud to support the National Board of Certification in Dental Technology and proudly promotes certification for dental technicians throughout their national network of laboratories. The CDT Designation sets certified dental technicians apart from others in their field demonstrating a mastery of knowledge and applied skills in the art of dentistry. Certification also raises the standards of dental health through education in all aspects of dental technology. At Dental Services Group, they believe dentistry plays a significant role in the healthcare ecosystem and is committed to providing solutions to benefit the overall health and wellbeing of the patient. Visit nbccert.org to learn more about becoming a CDT and dentalservices.net to learn more about how DSG supports the dental community.

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