Keep On Trackin': Richard Pickard From Inventrix and LabTrac

Episode 142 · December 14th, 2020 · 1 hr 22 secs

About this Episode

Regardless of size, dental laboratories need to be productive, efficient, and to deliver products on time. Imagine a software that can help you do all those things so you can free up time to concentrate on the quality and consistency. Richard Pickard came to the US with a concept of helping dental labs with their production. He started Inventrix, a company that makes the LabTrac Enterprise software that will allow labs to schedule cases and track them in real-time. Richard talks about the history of LabTrac, how LabTrac works (when you let it work), why it's a good fit for most labs but not all, and what amazing advancements and partnerships they are creating to bring you a better LabTrac in the future.

The UP 3D P5 milling maching from Aurident is a 5 axis, efficient, dry mill. Great for milling zirconia, PMMA and wax. It boasts software that produces high precision and fast milling. It can mill a crown in 14 minutes and the tool life yields about 60-80 hours of quality restorations. A game changer for labs of all sizes, big and small. For under $20K, a small lab can now do their own milling instead of outsourcing and reducing their profits. Quite impressive! Give Aurident a call at 800-422-7373 or you can visit their website at

Whip Mix is now providing its milling customers with Prima Milling Tools, the high performance milling tools engineered specifically for Roland mills. This new tool range outperforms the competition. The results show not only that the tools last 29% longer than most others, their precision creates pin-point accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit for the patient.

The uncoated tools save up to 40% per restoration over the market leaders, but you can save 20% on these great tools through January 10, 2021! To take advantage of this offer, VISIT WHIPMIX.COM OR CALL (800) 626-5651