Raising the Bar with the Panthera Master Cup: Béatrice Robichaud & Jeffrey Luk

Episode 144 · December 28th, 2020 · 1 hr 39 secs

About this Episode

Imagine taking your skill and talents working on the bench everyday and becoming known as the "best-of-the-best" in overdentures. You can! For the last 4 years Panthera Dental has put on the Panther Master Cup, a contest featuring the best technicians from around the world competing in making the best double overdenture case. The co-founder of Panthera and past podcast guest Béatrice Robichaud comes on the show to talk about the history of the cup and the process of making the top 10. We are also joined by the 2020 second place winner Jeffrey Luk from the Shaw Lab Group in Canada. Jeffrey talks about the experience of submitting his initial photos, getting the models for the contest and having to learn new skills, and making the top 3 in this amazing yearly event.

Pre-register for the 2021 Pathera Master Cup or suggest a colleague or friend

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