Creative Marketing in a Creative Industry: Tay Harvey and anaxdent North America

Episode 151 · February 15th, 2021 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

One would think that to bring a line of dental products geared towards full arch restorations to America you would have to know how to use it. Defying all odds, Tay Harvey took a degree in Journalism, a love for the mini implants, and a passion for the dental laboratory industry to bring anaxdent to North America. Tay talks about how she took a chance on a "little known" product line out of Germany mixed it with AMAZING marketing and turned it into a great company offering "hella" customer service.

Aurident offers so much more than just the P5 michine. They offer all the needed accessories like Nabertherm furnaces and vacuums by Renfert. And all the consumables can be got in one place! Aurident has Delta Zirconia, Aurident Zr, Aurident cutting tools, and Quest pmma ! Aurident definitely is a One Stop Shop for any dental laboratory's needs! Call our friends, Aurident, at 800-422-7373 or visit their website at!

Few things create more interest today than the Digital Denture. Whip Mix has developed a processing system for printed dentures, which uses Dentca, the first 3D-printed denture and denture teeth resins to receive FDA clearance. Their physical properties and biocompatibility pass FDA requirements and enable the printed denture properties to be very similar to conventional dentures. The material, coupled with fast and easy 3D-printing with Asiga printers and the convenience of curing with a Uvitron UV light, results in fewer dentist visits, predictable fit, re-printable data files, lower costs and excellent intraoral denture performance.

To learn how to create your own Digital Denture, check the Whip Mix website for their Digital Denture courses and for more information about the system.