Envisioning the Future of 3D Printing: Al Siblani and EnvisionTEC

Episode 153 · March 1st, 2021 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

There are many 3D printers in our industry. But one of them was the creator of the technology most of them use now. Al Siblani created EnvisionTEC out of years of experience in the automotive industry printing wooden molds. Expanding on the idea and seeing a need in other industries, Al disrupted other markets before introducing it to the dental industry. Al talks about the history of EnvisionTEC, the story of it getting into dental, their efforts during COVID, what makes their printers unique, and what exciting things EnvisionTEC is working on next to disrupt it all over again.

Aurident offers so much more than just the P5 michine. They offer all the needed accessories like Nabertherm furnaces and vacuums by Renfert. And all the consumables can be got in one place! Aurident has Delta Zirconia, Aurident Zr, Aurident cutting tools, and Quest pmma ! Aurident definitely is a One Stop Shop for any dental laboratory's needs! Call our friends, Aurident, at 800-422-7373 or visit their website at aurident.com!

Using 3D printed Dentca Temporary Resin is the easy, fast, clean and accurate way of creating natural-looking temporary restorations using Dentca Temporary C&B 3D Print Resin from Whip Mix.

The new temporary material is FDA cleared, biocompatible, photocurable, and can be printed fast. That patient can be temporized with the highest quality temporary crowns that last a minimum of one full year in the mouth. Dentca C&B Temporary features excellent life-like esthetics and shade-matching capability with Vita shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, and BL (Bleach).

Dentca Temporary C&B resin is validated for use with the Asiga Max, Asiga Pro 2, Asiga Pro 4K, and the Whip Mix Veribuild printers, and with the following curing units: Uvitron (SunRay 400 and IntelliRay 600), and the CUREbox Plus.

For more information, visit www.whipmix.com.