Printing a Family's Legacy: Justin Marks CDT and Printed Valplast

Episode 158 · April 5th, 2021 · 1 hr 43 secs

About this Episode

Remakes. Adjustments. More Adjustments. Maybe other labs can do flexible partials with ease, but the ones we talk to can't. Doesn't matter which system you use, flexibles in general have a higher remake or adjustment number. With the growing popularity of digital dentistry with removables, it is about time someone stepped up to make a printable flexible partial. Justin Marks from Arfona Printing has developed the first printed Valplast flexible partial. Justin's grandfather created the first flexible and the family has been carrying on the Valplast legacy. Justin decided that the need of the industry was not just the product, but an ease of service. Justin comes on the podcast to talk about his history of Valplast, the workflow for labs to send to Arfona, and the new faciating method he has developed to print a flexible Valplast partial.

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