Easy Peasy with EasyRX: Todd Blankenbecler & Andy Stark

Episode 189 · November 8th, 2021 · 58 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

When has anyone ever said life in a dental lab is easy? It's not. There are many struggles and challenges every day. Todd Blankenbecler and Andy Stark from EasyRX have a solution for a few of the issues. Easy Rx is a software that can run production in the lab, but it also has a clinician aspect that allows the two to communicate efficiently. Oh, did we mention that it can also prep your digital scans for model printing? They talk about how two different software companies combined, how they deal with the different business models, and what makes EasyRx stand out over the other production software.

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Gro3X is a dental supply, service, and marketing company. It is to help dental labs, and especially small labs to lower their cost for supplies, provide business opportunities, and generate growth. They carry amazing zirconia burs and their “rainbow burs” for PMMA and TriLor are top-notch. They also carry zirconia from Aidite, a wide range of Harvest Dental products, and different 3D print resins.

What’s really cool about Gro3X is, that you can join their Gro3X Family program for only 99 cents. This will then give you an additional 10% discount on all of their supplies and even their CAD/CAM design and fabrication services.

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There are 3D Print resins for models that do a decent job, then there is Whip Mix VeriModel OS.

Dr. Michael Scherer, a prosthodontist from Sonora, CA says “Whip Mix VeriModel OS is one of the finest model resins I have ever worked with. It’s amazing”.

The popular resins offer the dental laboratory a high quality, smooth surface finish, extreme precision, reliable accuracy, and fine detail. They can be used in 385 and 405 nanometer printers, and are compatible with silicone-base separators. VeriModel OS print resins are available in Ivory, Golden Brown, Grey, and White colors for any model application.

For more information, call (800) 626-5651, or visit www.whipmix.com.

Have you seen the high prices of precious metal these days? They are close to record highs on gold and palladium. With those high precious metal prices, you are paying a high cost for your alloys. We know that you are using less Precious metal in your lab these days, but if you send in half of what you sent in 5 years ago ,your scrap return will be higher than it was 5 years ago ,because of the high PM prices . You owe it to yourself to find a trusted, reputable refining company.

Look no further! Kulzer refining has been tested, trusted and reputable for over 100 years. They burn, melt and assay all under one roof at their state-of-the-art refining facility in Wartburg Tennessee. They have doubled their production capacity to ensure your scrap return within 2 weeks.

With all the non-precious material that has become present in today’s restorations it is important that we ensure the assay sample is homogenous. At Kulzer, they take the extra step to X-ray the top and bottom after they melt the bar to make sure the precious metal percentages--- are the same. If not, copper is added until they are positive the bar is homogeneous. We know this step is very important to get a precise assay result.

Their reimbursement to the customer is after our 10% refining fee. They have zero additional fees. If you need any free shipping containers, which contain a UPS prepaid, full insured label, please visit mydental360.com/refining or call the Director of Precious Metal Refining, Tony Circelli, directly at (914) 906-1843.