Finding a Better Digital Removable Solution with John Madden

Episode 239 · October 24th, 2022 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

Comes see Elvis and Barb at the Whip Mix Digital Forum October 28th and 29th in Louisville, Kentucky
Great show, fantastic speaks, unbelievable content, and a Halloween costume party!

We know the big players in digital dentures. AvaDent, Carbon and Asiga printed Lucitone 199, Ivoclar Ivotion on the PM7 mill, Arfona, and the list goes on. But behind the scenes and an amazing technician doing some amazing things with all removables in the digital space. John Madden started in a dental school's lab. Working with the faculty and students, John saw the need to take removables digital and not just dentures. John talks about the early days with the struggles and successes, all the different materials, printing vs milling, opening his own lab, and what's next for the digital removable prosthetic.

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