The Family That Creates Smiles: Wayne Szara Sr, Mike Capps, Wayne Szara Jr, Steve Szara, and Erin Szara

Episode 252 · January 23rd, 2023 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

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Over the years, we have talked to a lot of families in dental. Husband and wife. Fathers and Sons. Mothers and Daughters. Bothers. Sisters. But never have we talked to 5 family members at the same time all in the industry. Let us introduce you to the Szara's (sort of). Many of you might already know. First up is the guy that started it all, Wayne Szara Sr. Wayne went to technical school, he did dental technology in the Navy. After he opened up his own lab in his house and taught at the local dental technology program. He introduced the profession to his brother-in-law. Mike Capps (the non-Szara), who had the passion to be his own boss and went on to open a great lab outside of Chicago called Technic Dental Lab. Wayne had two sons that spent their youth with dad in the house working in the lab, and there was no way they couldn't be influnced to join this great industry. Wayne Szara Jr went through the school but took a different path and spent some time with Sterngold before spending the last 20 years with ZimVie teaching people around the world about implants and attachments. Steve Szara decided to get into Ortho, opened his own lab, and also created a name for himself online teaching and inspiring others in ortho lab work. And now, Steve's daughter Erin Szara after years helping her dad in his lab and growing up with all this dental inspiration, starts her journey in dental school to become the dentist that all the others originally wanted to be.

Elvis and Barb on Steve Szara and Cade Tippett YouTube channel from 2019!

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