For the Love of Teeth and Industry with Sabine Mayer & Denise Burris

Episode 325 · June 17th, 2024 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

On September 11th in Fort Worth, Texas, the 10th annual Race For the Future will take place to raise money for the Foundation For Dental Laboratory Technology. Barb is doing her 9th solo race and Elvis is teaming up with Mark Williamson and Bobby Kenney to form The Abutments. Go to and click on the DONATE TODAY button. There you need to log in or create an account. Then select “Race for the Future” and enter the name of either Barb Warner or the Abutments, then the amount you want to donate.

We love meeting dental technicians from all over the world. It's even better when we meet them when they are in other parts of the world when recording. Sabine Mayer started in a lab 32 years ago and for 28 years it was just a job. There was no passion or obsession. Then she fell in love with another dental technician and that passion helped create a passion for teeth. Sabine grew her skills, got on social media, and now she and her boyfriend are teaching courses around the world.

Shera Model Resin:

As a special bonus, the president of the NADL and past podcast guest, Denise Burris, stopped by the Jensen Dental booth while we were at the FDLA Symposium a few weeks ago. Denise updates us on all things NADL like their new website and job board, the NBC and the success of the Digital Workflow Specialty, and how the FDLT can help you obtain your CDT.

Allie Williamson's DLT Training:

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