A Raw Look at Full Arch with Dr. Ryan Dunlop and Dr. Johnathan Abenaim

Episode 324 · June 10th, 2024 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

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There are a LOT of full arch restorations being made in out industry. Usually referred to as an “all-on-X”, these are amazing life changing treatments that come with a hefty price tag and in turn a decent profit for everyone. It’s not super complicated to do a case, but a lot can happen during and after that will require the work of a team to overcome. Two dentists are changing the mindset in dentistry to make sure everyone involved is on the same page. Dr. Ryan Dunlop from Full Arch Masters and Dr. Johnathan Abenaim from X-Cell Dental Implant Center want to make sure everyone on the team understands the need to do it right. Usually teaching separate courses, Dr. Dunlop and Dr. Abenaim felt it necessary to join forces and give the unsponsored, truthful, and RAW look at what goes into giving a patient a good looking, functioning restoration. Both talk about why they got into teaching and what they have learned along the way like learning to customize the treatment to the patient, learning to communicate better with in the team, changing the status quo, and changing the mindset of dentistry.

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