Cassandra Dombrowski

Special guest

I specialize in digital product sales and service as a part of the DTS team of Whip Mix, focusing on 3Shape scanner, Roland Mills, and Asiga and Whip Mix 3D printers.

I started in the dental industry as a dental hygienist, but I stepped away from trying to have conversations with people while my hands were in their mouth, and transitioned in the role of sales with Whip Mix. I really enjoy and am passionate about assisting labs and dental offices on going digital and enhancing their digital capabilities. I absolutely adore building relationships and making connections with all of the wonderful people in the dental community- that is my favorite part of the role.

Outside of work, I am passionate about the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and kayaking with her husband, son, and 2 big, goofball dogs. And I also enjoy traveling, playing guitar, cooking, and building/refinishing furniture.

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