LIVE at LOTM Part 2: Mary Valentine, Emily Valentine, Sherri Weatherby, Cassandra Dombrowski, Mary Nosal

Episode 178 · August 23rd, 2021 · 53 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

We are excited to bring more conversations that we got at the Preat booth while at the Ladies of the Mill summit. This week has us talking with Mary Valentine who has an amazing background with Nobel Procera and her daughter, Emily Valentine, who is making sure the lab carries on to the next generation. Then we are pleased to chat with two ladies of Whip Mix. Sherri Weatherby and Cassandra Dombrowski are two sales reps covering most of the east side of the US and talk about their Asiga printer and why they made sure Whip Mix was a part of LOTM. And we end the episode with Mary Nosal from DIL Dental Lab. Mary is a dental assistant turned lab manager and has to combine both skills to run it all successfully.

Whip Mix is now providing its milling customers with Prima Milling Tools, the high performance milling tools engineered specifically for Roland mills. This new tool range outperforms the competition. The results show not only that the tools last 29% longer than most others, their precision creates pin-point accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit for the patient. VISIT WHIPMIX.COM OR CALL (800) 626-5651

Gro3X is a dental supply, service, and marketing company. It is to help dental labs, and especially small labs to lower their cost for supplies, provide business opportunities, and generate growth. They carry amazing zirconia burs and their “rainbow burs” for PMMA and TriLor are top-notch. They also carry zirconia from Aidite, a wide range of Harvest Dental products, and different 3D print resins.

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