Daxton Grubb

Special guest

Our President graduated cum laude from Christian Brothers University in Memphis in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a double major in Finance and Management. Upon graduating, he worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car until 2003. He moved up in the managerial ranks while at Enterprise, but soon decided it wasn’t the career path he wanted to pursue.

In 2003, Randy Grubb, Daxton’s father and CEO of R-Dent, consulted him about coming aboard and helping him grow his declining family business. Daxton thought he was going to pursue a medical sales position, and for this reason figured this would be a good stepping stone for his next move and allow him to help the family business at the same time.

Soon after joining the R-Dent team, Daxton found he was a good fit for the sales department. Within a year and half, he added a removable department to R-Dent, a very dominant fixed-only dental laboratory. In 2016, R-Dent had grown from seven to sixty-two employees, with annual revenues of over seven times that of 2003.

Today, Daxton is continuing to find more ways to grow the business and make R-Dent the best dental laboratory in the southeastern region. He served as President of the Southeastern Dental Lab Conference and also in the past served on the Business Management Committee for the National Association of Dental Laboratories."

In addition, Daxton’s expertise on digital dentistry and the digital workflow between the dentist and the laboratory makes him a key opinion leader in the dental lab industry. He has presented at and taken part in panel forums at many of the industry’s prestigious events, including IDS (Cologne, Germany), Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, NADL’s Vision 21 Meeting, CaL-Lab Meeting, LMT Lab Days, and the Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories.

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