Unfiltered with Daxton Grubb from R-Dent Dental Lab

Episode 180 · September 6th, 2021 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

Located near the 2nd most visited house in the world, Daxton Grubb took over his father's fixed lab and has grown it into a full service, digital, large lab in the Memphis area. Daxton talks about learning management from a rental car company, hiring dental assistants to be the communication between the lab and offices, and why not every product and process is a win for every lab. Daxton freely shares with Elvis and Barb a lot of information that most lab owners would be afraid to talk about on a podcast.

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We will hear from Sasha der Avanessian from Harvest Dental, Anne Kelzer from AMK Dental Lab, Frankie Acosta from AA Dental Design and Ricki Braswell from Beyond Coaching and former Co-Executive Director of the NADL. All of them will talk about real marketing as it is done in their own labs and businesses every day.

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