Dillion Guppta

Special guest

My name is Dillon Guppta a Denturist based out of Toronto, ON and currently
practice across the Greater Toronto Area + Southwestern Ontario. Specializing in
Denturism at George Brown College, I graduated with honours in 2017. While at
school I was heavily involved with the faculty, taking on roles as a peer leader, as
well as holding a position on the board of directors for the Denturism program.

Through my associations with various dental offices, and the valuable experiences
learned at each one - I am able to provide my patients honest, ethical, and quality
care. By staying up to date with the latest technologies and courses, the options that
I am able to present to each patient is tailored specific to their unique needs.

I look forward to being on the podcast again in the future, and cannot wait to update
you guys on my journey forward!

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