Dr. Jonathan M. Abenaim

Special guest

Dr. Jonathan M. Abenaim DMD DABOI is the owner of Jonathan Dental Spa, born in Montreal, Canada. He obtained a BA in Biology from Yeshiva University in New York and pursued his graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the three Ivy League schools offering a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. Graduating with a DMD specializing in Endodontics, Prosthetic Dentistry, and Pain Management, Dr. Abenaim received honors and the prestigious E. Howell Smith Award in Prosthetic Dentistry. He furthered his education with an Advanced Implant Prosthodontics Residency in Florida, gaining expertise in implant dentistry. Dr. Abenaim is a Board Certified Implant Dentist and a Fellow of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is among the top 5% of elite cosmetic dentists in the US, skilled in both surgical and cosmetic aspects of implant dentistry. Dr. Abenaim has also contributed to the field by inventing and patenting multiple parts for implant dentistry.

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