Kostia Vyshamirski

Special guest

My way to became a dental technician started in high school during time I spent with my father in the dental laboratory. Those days I understood that this profession is mine and I went to the college for 3 years. Education and growing up my skills were always my passion and the way I see myself like a dental technician. So I took a lot of courses, lectures and master classes since I was at the college bench. That time I met my teacher and master ceramist Alek Aronin who influenced so much on my future career and my own vision for our profession. I was starting to communicate with great people of DTG in 2014 9+ years since now. In 2015 I decide to move from Belarus, the country where I was born and grow up to Latvia, Europe. Big step in my career, I was working for the clinic at inhouse dental laboratory. Later in 2019 I opened my laboratory in Riga, Latvia. This is one technician high level lab for esthetic cases for working on from a to z on every case mostly specialised on ceramic esthetic restorations.

I’m really happy to have an opportunity to work with a great and professional doctors. I have passion to attend courses, lectures, symposiums and other dental events all over the world and meet up with awesome people!

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