Larry Weiss

Special guest

Larry Weiss, CPA, CEPA®, and founder of Weiss Advisors, has a long, proven history and expertise in business development, operations, finance, sales, value acceleration, and exit planning.

He is a CPA and one of an elite group of international, Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) from the most widely accepted and endorsed professional exit planning program in the world, the Exit Planning Institute.

When it comes to accelerating your business value, transitioning, and exit planning, Larry spent the bulk of his career in roles doing exactly that for private, portfolio, and publicly held companies, with a focus on dental and manufacturing, and he and his team can do the same for you.

After a long, rewarding career with NDX and Keller Dental Laboratory, Larry Weiss is now assisting others in the dental and manufacturing industries and doing what he loves – helping business owners create stability, confidence, and wealth in business and in their personal lives; providing peace of mind and a future they can look forward to.

Take a look at Larry’s professional history and his depth of applied experience relative to business value acceleration planning and exit planning.

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