It's Wise to Be Prepared: Larry Weiss and Jim Gorgol

Episode 165 · May 24th, 2021 · 59 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Larry Wiess from Weiss Advisors started a company to help other labs after his time with Keller Dental Lab and NDX. Larry has taken his years of experience to assist labs that needed the extra, "outside" help to either prepare for sale or to increase productivity. Jim Gorgol from Distinctive Dental Studio is looking at eventually retiring. Jim wants to make sure that he can do that comfortably but wants to also make sure that the employees are left in a good spot too. They talk about determining the ultimate goal, setting up milestones along the way, and the type of processes they put in place to reach that goal.

Whip Mix’s new Veriwash resin cleaning station is the ideal piece of equipment to use in the 3D printed resin post process. It’s oscillating, multi-speed stirrer produces a tornado-like vortex every 30-seconds, and guarantees efficient, effective and powerful cleaning whether the units are individual or still attached to the build plate.

The two alcohol baths make an effective step-wash system. It cleans more efficiently and there is less alcohol needed, since it is re-used for both a fresh bath and a dirty bath.

The VeriWash’s intelligent design offers features such as Mode, Time, and Start/Stop button display which gives the operator full and automatic control of the cleaning process. A mesh basket used in the wash container makes it easy to keep track of small printed parts when cleaning. The affordable unit’s one-year warranty ensures peace-of-mind for the owner.

Visit or call (800) 626-5651 for more information about this great new product.