Marlin Gohn CDT

Special guest

Marlin graduated from a Dental Arts College in San Jose Calif. with a degree in Dental Technology. After graduation, he worked as a Dental Technician for 25 years in California while running his own lab for 17 years. Marlin received his CDT in Ceramics in 1979 through the National Board of Certification. In 1997, he joined one of the largest dental laboratories in the U.S. as a Team Leader, he focused on consistency, doctor retention and reducing remakes thru training of his technicians. Marlin eventually became Regional General Manager of the Western Division. He also worked in Business Development, creating new accounts and organizing international seminars.

Joining the Argen team as technical education manager in 2009, he has traveled nationally and internationally lecturing and assisting laboratories with technical issues. In his free time, Marlin enjoys Surfing and deep-sea fishing,

Marlin Gohn CDT has been a guest on 2 episodes.