Don’t Mess with Texas Part 1: DLAT 2021-Cade Tippet, Marlin Gohn, Fernando Sanchez Jr, Gary Osborn, Spencer Watkins

Episode 162 · May 3rd, 2021 · 51 mins 23 secs

About this Episode

What do you call a group of technicians in Texas? The first successful lab meeting of the year! That's right, back in late March the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas (DLAT) held their annual conference. It was also the first in-person dental lab meeting of 2021. While we couldn't be there, our good friends at Argen set up a laptop, microphone, and some speakers so we could record remotely from their booth. Local Argen rep and all around rockstar Keith Wilson kept us busy bringing by so many great people at the show. This week we have conversations from 5 wonderful attendees/staff/vendors.

  • Cade Tippet
  • Marlin Gohn
  • Fernando Sanchez Jr and Gary Osborn
  • Spencer Watkins

Sit back and enjoy the sounds of live "in-person" conversations.

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