Ricardo Marrero

Special guest

I started off learning electrical in High School and obtained various jobs after graduation in the construction field practicing electrical. However, upon moving to North Carolina a bigger opportunity arose working in the field of dental technician. I began training with my father, Bernardo Marrero, who has many years as a dental technician. Thanks to his experience and teachings, I was able to quickly grasp each step of the denture making process, getting better and better with each case. I first worked at Aspen Dental, following their training program along with extra knowledge my father would add to aid my learning. Then, he began working for Carolina Dentures, a dental clinic with multiple locations in North Carolina. Keith Laws and Kathy Laws, owners of Carolina Dentures, talked to me about hiring me to not only help my father but also learn how to fabricate digital dentures. Filled with the excitement to learn such new technology, I began working for them and learning everything I could about digital dentures. From scanning, to using 3shape, to nesting, and finally 3D printing the dentures themselves I began to progress quickly. Even to the point of being able to design my own dentures to produce instead of sending them out. My father wanted a lab of his own, and I wanted to help. However due to the pandemic we found it difficult to go off on our own to find doctors. Thankfully, GPS Dental Lab gave us the opportunity to make us their satellite office in North Carolina. Now working along side GPS, we are providing services to the doctors in our area. I only plan to learn more and refine my skills so that I may increase my quality and speed. I cant wait to see what the future holds for me and this industry.

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