Sam Thalassinos

Special guest

Innovator and Industry Leader | Transforming Dentistry with Vision and Purpose

Greetings friends! I spearheaded one of Australia's largest privately owned Dental Laboratories before founding XYZ Dental, an avant-garde supplier, manufacturer, and supporter of digital workflows.

About XYZ Dental

At XYZ Dental, our mission is simple yet profound: Empower dental professionals to achieve self-sufficiency, scale efficiently, and embrace sustainable technology. Our commitment lies in supporting those clients through our daily, practical experiences in operating a milling centre using the same systems that we install in their labs and practices. Chances are, you would prefer the work with the team that uses that same milling system or 3D printer that you have just invested in. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a bike from a guy who doesn’t know how to ride one.

Professional Journey

My journey isn’t an orthodox one. A six month stint in helping out at the family Dental Laboratory turned into a ten-year journey of huge challenges, breakthroughs, lessons learned and success. Taking those lessons into XYZ Dental almost 9 years ago has been invaluable to its growth and status as Australia and New Zealand’s leading CAD-CAM provider. ADIA involvement: the Victorian President of ADIA since 2020, I'm passionate about advocating for the strength and resilience of our industry. I also serve as a Director of the Board of the ADIA.

Beyond the Desk

Away from dentistry, I am a proud husband and father to Claudia (7) and Estelle (3).
In my spare time (what’s that?), I can be found cooking, shining my shoes, experimenting with coffee, lifting some weights and being Dad – the role I value most. I am a curious soul, love to connect with people and find the joy in embracing life’s diversity.

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