Todd Reid

Special guest

President and CEO of ACCESS Dental Laboratory is a Master Ceramist, Executive Consultant and Professional Speaker. His expertise is in Leadership Development, Unconventional Education and Individual Empowerment.

Mr. Reid earned a Special Education Diploma from Mynderse Academy in Seneca Falls, New York and was subsequently hired by a dental laboratory, industry leader to begin his career as a dental technician. He was inspired by others in the field but could not afford formal training. Instead of giving up and walking away, he decided to use Google and YouTube to master his craft. After countless hours of training and preparation from videos and books, he earned the title, Master Ceramist.

Mr. Reid’s recipe for success is “take bits and pieces from all of your life experiences.” “Learn from your failures because you can build from them. Don’t let the set backs stop you. Your real life starts after you graduate from high school. Nothing I learned in high school, prepared me for adult life. What I know for sure is, I learn at my pace and I define my success. I refuse to let anyone else define success for me. I write my goals down. I track them quarterly and for long-term goals, I use a vision board. I am my only obstacle. No one else can stop me.”

His goal is empowerment for those who would otherwise be overlooked or rejected. He is his ancestors’ wildest dream.

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