Von Grow, DTG

Special guest

From the Founder
Wow. Now that I’m here, what to say?

First of all, I take full responsibility for what I am going to write here. This letter does not reflect 100% of the group’s beliefs. But it’s my turn to talk, so I’ll say what I want.

We are the DTG. That stands for Dental Technicians Guild. We stand for specialty handmade esthetic dental restorations. I will call it a group, but I believe it is much more than that. Groups can be so closed off. I hope I have not come across that way to anyone so far. It has been suggested that the DTG have a double name: The Dentist-Technicians Guild. We have added Dentists to our group, and they are AWESOME. Bridging the gaps between Dentists and Technicians will be pivotal. I plan to do this by adding more dentists to the group.

What is Damaged Goods? It is a brand that we use to identify ourselves. Don’t take offense to the name Damaged Goods. It doesn’t have to mean something negative. We are all “Damaged” in some way. Everyone loves the name, and logo. It’s a pirate flag that we wave. Nobody’s perfect, and everyone can be better.

The mission of the DTG is this:

We fight for handmade restorations. Our industry is changing. There are big companies buying and acquisitioning many of the smaller labs. Consolidation is in our midst. Labs are declining at an alarming rate. If you have not felt it, you will in the coming years.

What is your plan for the future? I propose that we all band together in the name of high end, handmade, esthetic restorations, and do not let machines take over our jobs. The idea is this: Instead of hoarding all of our secrets and techniques, we give the information away freely to other like-minded technicians and dentists.

By doing so, we can rise to a level that no one can touch. It only works if we do it together. We can carve out a niche for ourselves that will serve as a protection when the big fish come swimming by.

If this idea does not interest you, I understand. But everyone within the sound of my voice that is feeling helpless, down trodden, fearful of the future, or just wants to get excited again about the work you do, let’s take a stand. Let’s get a worldwide network going that is so big, that it cannot fail. We do not have to fight against CAD/CAM, but rather, lets take it with us! Anyhow, machines are only as good as the operator. They are tools, like a wrench. Or a hammer. They only do what we say. Without us, they just sit.

Everyone keeps telling me that Facebook is not real life. But, I guarantee you that the relationships that you start online become real as you begin to meet people in person. It’s like old friends getting together. How is that not real? We have a great opportunity to educate one another using social media. It reaches out around the world. It doesn’t sleep, and it knows no boundaries. It connects you to real people. Remember, it is not all about the fine work and pretty pictures! It is the people behind the work!

There are so many wonderful, brilliant people out there. If we get to know each other, become a family, and unite, we can do great things. The future of the dental lab industry is in whatever drives us together, not tears us apart! The dental world is surprisingly small. We are a family whether you like it or not. Forgive me for starting a group with a few chosen people. I did not realize how big of an undertaking it would be. But, I promise you, the intention is to have ALL technicians that think this way unite together. This magazine will help us do that.

In future editions of DTG magazine there will be articles on many things: techniques, photography, philosophy, courses, dentists, inventions, you name it! Please enjoy meeting some of the team in this first edition of DTG magazine. I have been blessed to know these people.

Let’s put some paddles on the industry and jumpstart it.

Von Grow, DTG has been a guest on 3 episodes.