Pure Gold From LMT Lab Day Chicago 2020 Part 3: David Lindsay & Sam Wainwright

Episode 111 · May 11th, 2020 · 56 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

Remember when we all packed into a hotel convention center in a very busy city to talk about the dental laboratory industry? How crazy were we? :-)

Elvis and Barb are back with more conversation they got while at the Argen booth at LMT's Lab Day Chicago 2020. First up we talk to a very well-rounded dental technician that has moved more in 6 months then most move in a lifetime. But all this experience has helped David Lindsay make the decision to become a denturist. He tells his story and shares some insight that he has learned along the way. Then we are joined by the dental product manager from Formlabs, Sam Wainwright. Sam talks about the history of Formlabs, what they are working on now, and what we can expect from this popular 3d printer company.

Whip Mix is extremely proud to introduce the Whip Mix VeriBuild 3D Printer with features rarely seen in economically priced printers. Your lab or dental practice can now print extremely precise models and accurate surgical guides with slice thicknesses between 25 – 100 microns. VeriBuild is an open system printer, able to print virtually any 405 nanometer print resin using its advanced software and auto-calibration. With a more-than-adequate build area, automatic (and manual) supports, an advanced slicing algorithm, and Quick Build Preparation, the Whip Mix VeriBuild Printer is the ideal printer for your lab if you are just starting out or want to increase your print production.