Learn. Educate. Unite. Digital Dental Craftsmen with Jeffry Tobon & Sander Polanco

Episode 123 · August 3rd, 2020 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

There are many online groups for dental technicians. Very few of them have had a profound impact in such a short amount of time. Jeffry Tobon from DesignLab Dental and Sander Polanco from FMR Prosthetic Center saw a need for good quality education for all technicians no matter what software or systems they use. That is when they created Digital Dental Craftsmen, an online platform that allows instructors from around the globe to reach technicians of all skill levels. Jeffry and Sander talk about how they got into the industry, how they met and came up with the idea, why they created Digital Dental Craftsmen, how they find their instructors, and what exciting platform they are working on next.

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Whip Mix is very excited to announce the new PRO 4K large format 3D printer from Asiga. It’s ideal for printing any kind of model, dentures, splints, surgical guides, impression trays and more.

The Asiga Pro 4K DLP printer is priced at under $25,000, has a large build plate and is available in both 65µm and resolution versions. For information about the Asiga Pro 4K, visit www.whipmix.com.