On the Frontier of Instagram: Gil Villavecer from Frontier Dental Lab

Episode 176 · August 9th, 2021 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Many of us spend hours a week or even a day on social media. Checking up on friends and family, news, watching videos, looking at dental lab memes on the Voices From the Bench pages, or trying to grow our labs. Have you tried to grow your lab on social media? Have you tried Instagram? This week Elvis and Barb talk to a lab owner that has successfully turned his Instagram page into an epic 60,000 followers (at the time of this episode) media sensation. Gil Villavecer from Frontier Dental Lab took it upon himself to grow the lab with this free service. Gill talks about what and when to post, the importance of creating a brand that goes beyond the dentist, and why with all this attention he finds it important to share the information with other labs to strengthen the industry.

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