LIVE at LOTM Part 1: Anne Koelzer, Dr. Mary Kersenbrock, Denisse Padilla, Casey Steale, & Sarah Williamson

Episode 177 · August 16th, 2021 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Remember when we kept talking about the Ladies of the Mill Summit? Well it's time to start releasing some of the amazing converstions we got while at the Preat booth. First, we want to thank Jill Swafford and Christina Heaslip for making sure that the podcast got to be a part of such a fantastic event. This week we talk to two sisters who were also on stage talking about communication. Anne Kersenbrock Koelzer is a technician from AMK Dental Lab who has her sister as a client, Dr. Mary Kersenbrock. Then we chat with two ladies from Desktop Health, the ones that bring us the EnvisionTec printer, Denisse Padilla and Casey Steale talk about new resins and why they participated in the LOTM summit. Then we wrap up the episode with a conversation with Sarah Williamson, who is a in-office technician at Denver Restorative Dentistry, about her journey in the industry.

Episode 167: Ladies Of The Mill: Jill Swafford and Christina Heaslip

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