From Steel Bars to Titanium Bars with Kelly Simpson

Episode 212 · April 18th, 2022 · 59 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

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Everyone has a story about how they got into the industry. Not everyone wants to share that story. For Kelly Simpson the story is not a highlight of her life. Kelly learned dental technology while in a correction facility. Many people learn the craft this way. For years Kelly didn't talk about publicly, but after her success of starting her own lab, she wants to tell the world that the past does not define you. After taking the program, being mentored at a work release lab, and getting into implants and fixed hybrids, Kelly now owns her own lab and doing the work she wants to do with the clients she wants to work with.

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The Asiga MAX, the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer, offers exceptional productivity. Well over 400 labs in the U.S. can attest to its accuracy, speed and precision. With 62 micron Print Precision, the Max is optimized for both dental lab or clinic environments. Its exclusive SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology guarantees every layer is formed accurately, resulting in consistent results in any environment, and its single Point Calibration makes calibration extremely accurate and fast.

As an Open Material System, you can print any suitable resin from any material manufacturer. Your choice, no strings. The Max also features the Fastest Material Changeover of any 3D printer. Labs LOVE this! Change completely from one print resin to another in under 30 seconds.

All this and the finest, most dependable technical support staff in the dental lab industry.

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