Racing For Our Industry's Future with Martha Martin, Lindsey Rowan, and Nicole Jackson

Episode 276 · July 10th, 2023 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

On August 27th many brave and fearless dental technicians will take to the water and road to participate in the 2023 Chicago Triathlon. They don't do it for fame or personal gain, but to raise money for the Foundation For Dental Laboratory Technology.
PLEASE head over to and click the DONATE TODAY button. Log in and choose the “Race for the Future” option. There you can put the name of a racer you want to sponsor. You can put:

Barb Warner
Team Abutments (Elvis Dahl, Mark Williamson, Bobby Kennedy)
Voices From the Bench (50/50 split between Barb and Elvis' team)

Come see Elvis and Barb on stage together for the first time as we record an episode in front of a live audience!
Register for the Ladies of the Mill Summit in Chattanooga, TN on July 21-22

We talk a lot about Barb and Elvis raising money by participating in the Race For the Future 9.0 on August 27th. This week we brought on 3 wonderful guests to do a deep dive into what the event is, how you can donate, and where the money goes. Joining the conversation is Martha Martin from Triad Dental Studio and the current chair of the Foundation For Dental Laboratory Technology. Also joining in on the fun is Nicole Jackson, who also sits on the FDLT board, participates in the race, and runs the dental technician program at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. And we couldn't talk about any of this without having Lindsey Rowan on who is the executive director of the FDLT and past participant. During the conversation we will break down the days leading up to the race, the race itself, how you can sponsor a team, and all the amazing things the money does to help our industry.

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