A Spotlight On the Nightshift with Nina Frketin, Deppa Bharakhda, and Emily & Eleanor Pittard

Episode 282 · August 21st, 2023 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

  • Join Elvis Dahl from Derby Dental Laboratory and the Voices From The Bench Podcast and Dr. Dr. David Rice from igniteDDS as they break down the challenges that happen between the clinics and labs. We are calling it “THE DENTAL SHOWDOWN”.
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On August 27th many brave and fearless dental technicians will take to the water and road to participate in the 2023 Chicago Triathlon. They don't do it for fame or personal gain, but to raise money for the Foundation For Dental Laboratory Technology.
PLEASE head over to dentallabfoundation.org and click the DONATE TODAY button. Log in and choose the “Race for the Future” option. There you can put the name of a racer you want to sponsor. You can put:

Barb Warner
Team Abutments (Elvis Dahl, Mark Williamson, Bobby Kennedy)
Voices From the Bench (50/50 split between Barb and Elvis' team)

We love it whenever technicians support technicians. And when we found out that 4 past podcast guests started a group to showcase female technicians, we just had to have them back on to learn more. Joining us again are Nina Frketin from Mango Dental Technologies, Deppa Bharakhda from Dencraft Dental Lab, Deppa Bharakhda, and Emily and Eleanor Pittard from The Hive Dental Lab. All four update us on what they have been up to since their previous episodes and how they have grown since. Nina explains the reason for starting Nightshift and how she needed the help of everyone to help grow it. They explain their roles in the group, what the purpose of Nightshift is, and their BIG plans for the future.

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