From the DS Lab Marketing Summit Part 1: Jesus Romero, Jeffrey Noles, David Durling, and Leroy Kong

Episode 82 · October 21st, 2019 · 40 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

Dentsply Sirona puts on many events every year. One they do is called DS Marketing Summit. It's brings together many people within our industry who focus and have a unique perspective of "marketing" in our profession. They asked Elvis to speak at the event, but he also took the mobile recording gear and got some great interviews in between the many breakout sessions over the weekend.

First up is Jesus Romero from Bella Vita Dental Designs. Jesus went to work with his father and has taking the lab to a 100% digital impression lab that focuses on working with doctors that have a Cerec and utilizing his lab's skills to assist the offices on the restorations they can't do.

Next is the guys from LabStar. CEO Jeff Noles, David Durling, and Leroy Kong sit down to talk about how this lab management software got started, how it grew to be in 32 countries, and where it is headed next.

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