It Is Greener On The Other Side: Greg Martin CDT, TE from Renfert and Maurice “Mo” Whitlock, CDT from AmannGirrbach

Episode 95 · January 20th, 2020 · 41 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

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Elvis and President Barb are back from Las Vegas and the Vision 21 meeting. So many great people attended and so many great sponsors. Most of the events where we get our continued education are possible because of the great vendors in our industry. While at the Eastern Conference of Dental Laboratories in North Carolina, Elvis got to speak with two laboratory technicians turned vendor representative. First up is Greg Martin CDT, TE from Renfert who talks about how Renfert got started and the importance of quality products. Then he talked to Maurice “Mo” Whitlock, CDT from AmannGirrbach who got his start in the Air Force and now trains at dental schools and they talk about the move in our industry where laboratory technicians are setting up shop in dentist offices.

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