Al Fillastre CDT

Special guest

Al began his training in dental technology shortly after receiving his B.S. degree in chemistry from Stetson University in 1975. He worked in a variety of commercial laboratories, and then returned to Lakeland in 1979 where he began working in his own laboratory alongside his father, Dr. Alvin J. Fillastre, D.D.S. Since that time, Al has become an accomplished technician in all disciplines within the Crown & Bridge laboratory. He is extensively published presented numerous hands-on clinics and seminars in Occlusion, Ceramics, Composite Resins, Waxing & Metal Design, and many others. Al has lectured extensively to technicians and dentists alike on quality, excellence, communication, and technical skills. Al has also been recently involved with the development of the Denar 300 Series Articulator and presently owns and operates Ceram-O-Arts dental laboratory in Lakeland, Florida.

Al Fillastre CDT has been a guest on 2 episodes.