Bernie Jaroslow CDT

Special guest

Bernie Jaroslow has over 45 years of experience in the dental laboratory industry. He started his career in a family-owned full-service dental laboratory, then became Director of Education for two large porcelain and alloy companies. In those positions, he made technical presentations, wrote articles, taught laboratory techniques and demonstrated products to both dentists and dental technicians. Bernie went on to become Senior Product Marketing Manager for a large porcelain manufacturer where he brought new porcelains to market.
Whip Mix hired him as Product Manager where he managed the company’s popular equipment, gypsum, investments and laboratory supplies, and identified and developed opportunities for business and product growth for Whip Mix.
Today, Bernie is Whip Mix’s Marketing Manager. He provides most of the digital product content for the company’s literature, Blogs, eBooks, articles, ads, etc.

Bernie Jaroslow CDT has been a guest on 3 episodes.