Sarah Williamson CDT

Special guest

Sarah is a Certified Dental Technician (CDT), specializing in ceramics. In 2004, Sarah completed
Kirkwood Community College’s Dental Technology Program in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She worked as a
full time dental ceramist for two years at a small boutique laboratory before joining an in-house team
at a prosthodontic office. Sarah enjoys interacting with the dentists and patients on a daily basis, so
working in-house has been a great fit for her. She worked at The Dental Center for 12 years before
making the move to Colorado in July of 2018. In those 12 years, Sarah became a CDT (2007), served
as a committee member and Treasurer of The Iowa Dental Laboratory Association (2005-2014) and
was a member of The Black & Gold Study Club, a monthly study group of local dentists, specialists
and technicians. Sarah attends multiple educational meetings per year and invests in her craft by
participating in hands-on ceramic courses whenever possible. She has had the opportunity to learn
from some of the best technicians in the world, including Oral Design members, Olivier Tric and
Stefan Picha.

At Denver Restorative Dentistry, Sarah’s passion and precision in tooth artistry shows in her work.
From shade matching a single tooth, to designing a full smile makeover, her ultimate goal and
satisfaction is seeing a smiling patient at the end of treatment.

When not making teeth, Sarah enjoys living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This includes Crossfit,
hiking, biking, cooking new recipes, drinking wine and visiting local breweries.

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