Ladies of the Mill 2023 with Mary Cardenas, Denisse Lasso, Dora Rodrigues, Krysta Lovelace, Heather McMeans, Raegan Bicklein, Lauren Crowe, Holly Wood, Sarah Williamson, Jennifer Taylor, Emily Valentine, Hannah Fischer, Stefani Hudson, Lindsay Berg, Betty Teel, Brandy Jo, and Kathryn Green

Episode 285 · September 11th, 2023 · 1 hr 23 mins

About this Episode

Join Elvis and Barb THIS WEEKEND at the DTG Symposium on September 15-16 at the GC America Facility in Alsip, IL

  • Join Elvis Dahl from Derby Dental Laboratory and the Voices From The Bench Podcast and Dr. Dr. David Rice from igniteDDS as they break down the challenges that happen between the clinics and labs. We are calling it “THE DENTAL SHOWDOWN”.
  • This 3 part Ivoclar webinar on LinkedIn kicks off September 14 at 7pm eastern. It’s LIVE so we encourage everyone to show up and voices your own challenges. It’s time to talk about it.
  • Register TODAY!

This week we bring you a collection of "Speed Recordings" we got during the "Speed Dating" at the Ladies of the Mill Summit. We talk to so many about so many things, it's best to just list all 17 guests and let you find out what is discussed:

Mary Cardenas
Denisse Lasso & Dora Rodrigues
Krysta Lovelace & Heather McMeans
Raegan Bicklein
Lauren Crowe & Holly Wood
Sarah Williamson
Jennifer Taylor & Emily Valentine
Hannah Fischer & Stefani Hudson
Lindsay Berg & Betty Teel
Brandy Jo & Kathryn Green

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