Making America Smile, One Lab at a Time with Keith Crittenden

Episode 217 · May 23rd, 2022 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

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It's not easy being a dental lab. Of course it's extremely rewarding, but it's also very hard. It's even harder for small to medium labs to compete with large labs and their buying power. Enter AmericaSmiles. Keith Crittenden has a long history of knowing how labs work. From working in a few, to eventually owning his own, Keith has lived the struggles that lab have every day. Once he realized that helping doctors find patients means his lab will get more work, an idea was born. Now Keith and AmericaSmiles help labs everyday with marketing, milling, supplies, and finding additional revenue where most labs don't even think to look. Some valuable knowledge is shared in this episode that can help any lab.

The fastest growing product at Gro3X are the Gro3X Aligners. Gro3X Aligners are only available from Gro3X Aligner certified labs: Why? Because they believe in the synergies that are being created between you, the dental office, and your lab. And they want to further leverage these synergies. Their aligners are used as a pre-treatment to a larger restorative esthetic case, to widen gaps prior to placing implants, to close a diastema, ease crowding, and simply enhance your patient’s smiles. Even for your Essix retainer needs your Gro3X aligner certified lab can help. Look for a Gro3X Aligner certified lab near you, such as Castle Dental Lab in San Antonio, TX (ask for Blaine), AMK Dental Lab in O’Neill, NE (ask for Anne), Staggs Dental Lab in McCoole Maryland (ask for Derrick), AA Dental Design in Murrieta, CA (ask for Frankie), and many, many more… For a complete listing of Gro3X Aligner Certified Labs go to

Whip Mix, known today for its digital equipment and materials, has been known for decades as a leader in occlusion products with its Whip Mix, Hanau, and Denar articulators and facebows.

The most popular of these is the Denar Mark 300 Series articulator. These popular semi-adjustable instruments are engineered for superior performance and tested thoroughly based on proven methodology. They bring a new standard of interchangeability with factory set accuracy within 20 microns. With their sleek, ergonomic design and powder-coated finish, these articulators have a contemporary look that’s as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The Denmat Mark 320 articulator features Adjustable condylar inclination with 0 to 60,° and Progressive side shift fixed at 15°. The Denar Mark 300 comes complete with: Dust cover, 10 magnetic mounting plates, instructions and standard black carrying case.

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