More From the Ivoclar Ballroom at Lab Day Chicago with Tobias Specht, Eiron Simmons, Olivia Davis, Crystal Heung, Christina Heaslip, Dora Rodrigues

Episode 265 · April 24th, 2023 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

We are still amazed by all the conversations Elvis and Barb got while at in the Ivoclar Ballroom during LMT Lab Day Chicago 2023. Didn't get a chance to record with us? You have another chance, as we will be again with Ivoclar at Lab Day WEST May 12 - 13 in Garden Grove, California. Come say hi and be on the podcast!

This week brings us 4 conversations with 6 people! First up is Tobias Specht who is a Master Dental Technician and has been with Ivoclar for 23 years. He gives us some insight into Empress, emax, Ivotion, the "red lips", and so much more.

Then we catch up with the two newest employees of Oaks Dental Design. Eiron Simmons come back on to talk about all that she is learning and Olivia Davis, who recently joined the lab, talks about what she is learning and inspiring to do next.

After that we chat with Crystal Heung from Sumc Dental Lab in China. Crystal talks about this LARGE operation and her goal of creating relationships in other countries.

We wrap up the episode with two past guests that come on to talk about life and lab. Christina Heaslip and Dora Rodrigues (sharing almost the same birthday) update us on labs and family. Dora just got done speaking and is getting ready to do it again at Ladies of the Mill and Christina updates us on all the exciting and different things happening at this years summit being held in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 21-22.

Are you attending the LMT Lab Day West show in Garden Grove California?

Join Ivoclar as they continue to celebrate their 100 Year Anniversary in the dental industry.

At Lab Day West you can get up close and personal with Ivoclar digital technology, materials, and an EPIC speaker lineup. Learn first hand from many of the industry’s leading dental professionals as they share their tips and tricks for success. Come and hear from Rafael Santrich, Jed Archibald, Steve Hatch and experience hands-on courses from Jenelle Tabakovic, and Pat Coon. For a full listing of speakers simply visit and register today!

Also, come and see us, Voices from the bench, as this will be our home from May 12-13th. Come by to say Hi and tell us what inspires you or give Ivoclar a ”Happy 100 year“ message.

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