Dancing in the Ivoclar Ballroom at Lab Day Chicago with Patric Frank, Jess Mashewske, and Randi & Scott James

Episode 264 · April 17th, 2023 · 59 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

Back in late February, Elvis and Barb set up their gear in the Ivoclar Ballroom during LMT Lab Day Chicago 2023 to record all the great people attending that amazing event. This week we bring you three of the conversations from that wonderful weekend.

First up is the Chief Marketing Officer for Ivoclar, Patric Frank. Patric comes all the way from the Headquarters in Liechtenstein chin to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. Patric talks about why he works for Ivoclar, attending Chicago, getting ready for IDS, and some exciting new Ivoclar products coming out.

Then we chat with Jess Mashewske, who started in a "big box" dental office. Once she learned to become a technician, she soon realized that her talents were being wasted and wanted to go somewhere she can excel. Now she is running Finger Lakes Dental Lab that services a 7-office DSO and looking to grow.

And then we wrap up the episode continuing the yearly tradition of talking to Randi and Scott James from Renstrom Dental Studio. Randi and Scott are almost done building out their new dream lab. They talk about all the "fun" it is that go through the process, the changes along the way, and how they are going to handle of moving 50+ employees 15 minutes down the road.

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