Celebrating Traditions Digitally From the Ivoclar Ballroom at Lab Day Chicago with Chet Spivey and Esther Schwenning

Episode 267 · May 8th, 2023 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

Hope to see you all at LMT Lab Day West! Come find us in the Ivoclar Room.

June is CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month. Every year we highlight those that mean a lot to all of us. For every episode in June we will play YOUR audio clips thanking that special someone in or around our industry. Just record yourself on your phone or computer and email it to info@voicesfromthebench.com and we will play it on the show.

Back in February, there is the biggest dental lab meeting in the US called Lab Day Chicago. We were set up in the Ivoclar Ballroom all weekend and recorded a ton of great people. This week brings two fantastic conversations. First up is Chet Spivey. Chet has been with Ivoclar for over 25 years and tells us about the journey of the innovative company. With so many products under their belt, Ivoclar can celebrate their 100th year by honoring the customers. Then we finally get to chat with Canadian Denturist superstar Esther Schwenning. Esther talks about following in a family tradition of becoming a denturist, learning and teaching the suction denture technique, setting up her practice to go all in with digital, and of course….. beer.

Are you attending the LMT Lab Day West show in Garden Grove California?

Join Ivoclar as they continue to celebrate their 100 Year Anniversary in the dental industry.

At Lab Day West you can get up close and personal with Ivoclar digital technology, materials, and an EPIC speaker lineup. Learn first hand from many of the industry’s leading dental professionals as they share their tips and tricks for success. Come and hear from Rafael Santrich, Jed Archibald, Steve Hatch and experience hands-on courses from Jenelle Tabakovic, and Pat Coon. For a full listing of speakers simply visit LMTmag.com and register today!

Also, come and see us, Voices from the bench, as this will be our home from May 12-13th. Come by to say Hi and tell us what inspires you or give Ivoclar a ”Happy 100 year“ message.

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