Inspiration from the Ivoclar Ballroom at Lab Day Chicago with Katie Rinaldo, Mandy Arena, Jen Ludwig, & Jim Collis

Episode 268 · May 15th, 2023 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

Can you believe we are still bringing out conversations from LMT Lab Day Chicago 2023 in May? It was last February when we set up in the Ivoclar Ballroom and recorded all weekend long. This week brings three more amazing conversations with a few past guests and a new friend.

First up is Katie Rinaldo and Mandy Arena. These two removable technicians are trying to get the state of Illinois to make Denturism legal. Katie was on the podcast back on episode 78 & 79. They are back to give us an update on the status of the legislation and to remind everyone how they can help. Go to the Illinois Denturist website or


Then we chat with the wonderful, talented, and gifted Jen Ludwig. Jen (and all her amazing personality) stops by the booth to update us on life after receiving CDT of the YEAR and to talk about all the public speaking she is doing and what she has lined up.

We wrap up the episode catching up with Jim Collis. Jim is starting to look at his next chapter of his career. After a time with Solvay and Dandy, Jim has some personal goals to reach before he finds his next home which we are sure will be at a place that allows him to continue teaching, guiding, and educating so many technicians.

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