It's the Window into the Body with Jessica Love (Birrell) & Laura Gilbert

Episode 306 · February 5th, 2024 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

Be sure to come see us in the Ivoclar Ballroom during LMT Lab Day Chicago 2024. Register today!

Come enjoy and sun with us on May 9 -10, 2024 in Mallorca, Spain at exocad Insights! An amazing line up of speakers all talking about an amazing design program! Register here!

This week we prepare for what is sure to be the best LMT Lab Day Chicago ever! Once again Elvis and Barb will be in the Ivoclar Ballroom all weekend recording all the amazing people in our industry willing to sit down with us. But what else is going on in the ballroom? One of the speakers on stage is Jessica Love (formerly Birrell). Jessica comes on the podcast to talk about her artistry beginnings, how she discovered dental technology, opening her own lab, discovering new ways to teach emax, getting into speaking, and how she now owns Capture Dental Health & Beauty Center that takes what a dentist sees in the mouth and can help your whole body physically and mentally heal.

Also joining the episode is Laura Gilbert, the General Manager of Ivoclar Canada. Laura updates us on her new and exciting role with the company and also runs down other Lab Day events like the other speakers and courses going on all weekend!

Join Luke LaRocque-Walker & Paul Imperius from True North Denture & Implant Centre and many others in the Ivoclar Ballroom at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2024. February 22-24, the biggest dental lab show in America happens and the place to be is in the Ivoclar Ballroom where all weekend Elvis Dahl and Barbara Warner will be set up recording everyone all weekend. Head over to to see a complete line up of all the lectures going on all weekend! We will see you there!

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