Pure Gold From LMT Lab Day Chicago 2020 Part 4: Bob Martin, Samuel Kenchanh, Gloria Brown, Jim Collis

Episode 113 · May 25th, 2020 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

Happy Memorial Day 2020.... the oddest one ever.

First up we wanted to bring you some more "Vendor Perspective’s" from our industry and how they are dealing with the pandemic. We talk with Shawn Nowak from Nowak Dental Supplies who talks about what they did when everyone shut down, what they have been doing, and what Nowak is doing as we all start getting back to work.

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Back in February, most of the industry went to Chicago for LMT Lab Day 2020. We were set up at the Argen booth recording pretty much anyone that would sit down. One of the best parts of doing that is all the people that we get to record that we might not record remotely. This week we bring you three conversations we got while at the biggest event in our industry. First up are two last-year students of the IU Fort Wayne Dental Technology program. Bob Martin and Samuel Kenchanh come on to talk about why they signed up for the program, what it's like, and where they plan on going after graduation. THEN we talk to Gloria Brown. Gloria is the Customer Service Team Lead at Triad Dental Studios. She has years of experience at her role and talks about her perspective of our industry and being a Lab Day Chicago. THEN well-known Jim Collis stops by to talk about getting into the industry, early days at school, teaching at the school, and what he's doing now with Solvay Dental.

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