Whip Mix Digital Forum 2022 Part 1: Chris Wilson from Zubler USA, Blake Barksdale, Sandra Ramsey, and Bob Iulino

Episode 243 · November 21st, 2022 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

This week we start our conversation we got while attending the Whip Mix Digital Forum back in October. This amazing yearly event brought so many great speakers and attendees that gave us an opportunity to talk to so many wonderful people in our industry. There is nothing like good ol’ face-to-face recording. First up is the Vice President of Zubler USA, Chris Wilson. Chris talks about a lot of the items that Zubler sells, but really educates us all the different ovens in a lab and what makes a good oven good. Chiming in is Blake Barksdale from Barksdale Dental Lab (who was on episode 204) to give the perspective of actual real life lab use of a lot of the Zubler USA equipment. Then we are joined by two amazing small lab owners that found friendship within their successes. Sandra Ramsey, owner of Great Crowns and Smiles, talks about her path to owning a lab in Louisville and Bob Iuliano, owner of Adirondack Dental Ceramics in upstate New York, talks about his own path. Together the talk about running a lab in today’s market and how having each other to talk to has made them both better.

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