LIVE at LOTM Part 3: Kelly Fincher, Hannah Fincher, & Tay Harvey

Episode 179 · August 30th, 2021 · 1 hr 8 mins

About this Episode

We are sad that this week ends the conversations we got while at the Ladies of the Mill Summit. While a great show, we now must wait almost a whole year before it happens again! But we are going to end the whole collection with two great conversations. First up is super step-mom Kelly Fincher who married into a lab, gave up nursing, and helped raise Hannah Fincher to grow up in the industry and make it a career. It’s important to note (and say thanks) that when the pandemic hit, Kelly decided to go back to nursing and help the ones that needed it the most. We apologize to Hannah for the mess up during recording. Then we are joined once again by Tay Harvey, the fearless leader of Anaxdent USA. We talk to Tay back on episode 151, but she sits down with Elvis during the summit and they talk about almost everything from why she came to the summit to adding outside sales to her team to why a vision board isn’t for everyone. All that, more, and a bunch of laughs along the way.

Portatour - sales-route planner
Creative Marketing in a Creative Industry: Tay Harvey and anaxdent North America
Ladies Of The Mill: Jill Swafford and Christina Heaslip

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