Living It Up From the Ivoclar Ballroom at Lab Day Chicago with Alan Banks, Millie Tang, and Monica Buchanan

Episode 266 · May 1st, 2023 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

As Elvis and Barb prepare to record at LMT Lab Day West on May 12 & 13, they bring you three more conversations from the Ivoclar Ballroom at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2023.

First up is Alan Banks from Roe Dental Laboratory. Alan talks about his many roles in the lab and their new and interesting way to take accurate full arch implant impressions without the need of photogrammetry called just Grammetry.

Next up is Millie Tang, owner of Hunan Vsmile Biotechnology Co, a manufacturer of zirconia in China. Millie talks about their zirconia, how they distribute it, and her 10 year goal of taking over the dental world.

Wrapping up the episode is Monica Buchanan. Monica is a CDT in orthodontics and talks about the experience getting it virtually. Monica also talks about all the appliances she makes being an in-office technician in a two doctor practice.

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