Wrapping It All Up at the Ivoclar Ballroom From Lab Day Chicago with Susan van Kinsbergen, Neal Allen, Julio Munoz, Zack Wojdan

Episode 269 · May 22nd, 2023 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

Can you believe that LMT Lab Day Chicago was almost 3 months ago? We got 7 hours of recordings when we were set up in the Ivoclar Ballroom. This week wraps it all up with 4 amazing conversations from that wonderful weekend.

First up is Susan van Kensbergen who is the Vice President of Myerson. Susan talks about her journey from being a ceramist, moving up in lab responsibility, managing the world's largest LAVA milling center, and finding her new home at Myerson, the home of Durflex and an upcoming "game changing" printer.

Then we chat with Neal Allen from Mustard Seed Dental Studio. Neal spent 20 years in a large lab before moving into a growing lab owned by a Prosthodontist. Neal talks about the importance of creating a happy lab culture and treating the employees like family.

Next is the "better" half of Artifex Dental Lab, Julio Munoz. Julio grew up in Bolivia where he is a board-certified Oral Surgeon. A lady brought him to the US where he connected with Artifex and helped create the "Triple Jig" technique for full arch implant restorations.

We wrap us the whole weekend with a special treat, Barb's technician son, Zack Wojdan. Zack talks about growing up in the lab, starting at the beginning, working his way up, working with his mom, and goals for the future.

A BIG thanks to LMT for putting on an amazing weekend and a BIGGER THANKS to Ivoclar for hosting us.

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